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Success Story

Success Stories - Gavrilis



Perfumes & Cosmetics        




In 1992, a new company in the service of external beauty emerged in Piraeus under the name of its dynamic owner; Gavrilis Group. In the 22 years of its presence, Gavrilis Group achieved a prominent position in the Greek cosmetic and perfumes industry and become one of the major and most respectful players in the market.

Since 2004, Gavrilis Group main business activity involved the exclusive representation and distribution of  major Italian and French cosmetic and perfume brands; FAIPA, BYBLOS, MILA SCHON, TRANSVITAL, THERMAE ROMANAE, ARILAND, ANTASYA (Pucca, Dragon Ball), ADMIRANDA (Winx club, Ninja Turtles, Power Ranger), HARVEST ITALIA (Tom & Gerry, Happy Feet), ENLIVEN and GT Cosmetics just to name a few. Up to this point, the Company penetrated domestic market, enhanced recognition of its brands and extended its distribution network to cover the whole Greek territory.  Consumers embraced the Company’s product lines, while attributes such as product quality, fresh packaging and reasonable prices increased loyal clientele. 

In such a flourishing circumstance, Gavrilis Group decided in 2005 to undertake the next step; that is, the dynamic expansion to the cosmetic production field. The Company’s international experience with some of the best cosmetic houses of the world, in conjunction to its strong presence and network in the country, allowed them to quickly adopt to the their new business venture philosophy and realize a complete series of cosmetic and perfume products under the TOMMY G trademark. From the conceptualization, to the design and development of its skin care and make up brands, Gavrilis Group places special emphasis in delivering high quality products that meet contemporary women’s preferences and tastes, while at the same time follow international fashion and beauty norms.


The concept of TOMMY G brands assortment involves formulas with precious natural and biotechnological ingredients and extracts, full color palette and texture options, simple zen packaging and sweet familiar and exotic scents. 8 years later, Gavrilis Group initiative to produce and market its own brand proves to be a highly successful endeavour, since women consumers highly treasure not only the traditional skin make up, skin care and perfume series, but also the most recent and modern natural spa and body care product offerings. 

TOMMY G brand’s success in the local market set the base for the Company’s expansion to foreign markets and reach of new consumers. Thus, while Gavrilis TOMMY G brand’s market share is on a constantly increasing rate, at the same time, it is positioned among the most promising in terms of brand equity trademarks in Greece and to the countries of its presence. Currently, Gavrilis Group exports the cosmetic and perfume series in France, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Romania and India with new collaborations and new market deals ready to be realized in the near future.

Being a pioneer in beauty trends and fads, Gavrilis Group has many time in the past created fashion statements such as by introducing the nail lacquers Nailquake, Caviar art, imagnet art as well as the CC Cream Color Corrector. The cooperation with Adriana Karembeu, famous Top Model (Sklenarikova),led to the sign up of an exclusive contract between Gavrilis Group and Adriana Karembeu for the designing, production and worldwide distribution of her new makeup line with a brand name Adriana Karembeu.



The attention of the external beauty has always been of vital importance to women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. However, finding the appropriate means to achieve it has proven most of the times a difficult task to accomplish. Gavrilis Group knows exactly the secret on how to transform women to the beauty of their dreams.


For more information please visit Company's website: http://www.gavrilisgroup.eu


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